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The best ways to keep office buildings clean

Does it feel like the costs of keeping your commercial office building clean keep growing and growing?  Heaven's Best of Denver hears this often.  Amazingly, one way to keep costs down is actually to have your place cleaned more often on a maintenance program.  Maintenance programs (an example being the PDIR method as explained in the link below) are great ways to keep costs down.  Methods like this will address the cause of the soils and how to limit them infiltrating your facility, and also how to remove them before they cause damage.  Soils from outside (with sand being the main culprit) brought in will scratch carpet and hard surfaces.  These buildup of sand can be the equivalent of taking 120 grit sandpaper and rubbing it on the surfaces.  Addressing areas with Walk-off mats and frequent sweeping and vacuuming are a few simple ways to help remove this sand before it damages anything.  To find out more about programs like this, feel free to give Heaven's Best of Denver a call and we will be happy to walk you through options for your building.  In most cases it is much easier, and less costly, to maintain a certain level of appearance throughout the year on a maintenance program than it is to do a once a year restorative cleaning.  


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Heaven's Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning to Boulder, CO. The carpet cleaning process begins by removing all loose soil in the carpet by using a powerful dry vacuum system. We then lightly spray our exclusive Heaven's Best carpet cleaning solution onto the carpet. This solution is a mild cleaning solution which immediately penetrates each carpet fiber, and starts breaking up the dirt trapped within.

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